Nick Davies
Author, Musician, Web Developer, Etc.

Four-time NaNoWriMo participant, three-time winner

Works in progress

A City Divided

Florence Pierson is a recovering alcoholic working as courier to the biggest arms dealer in Maronigrad, a city-state plagued with torn houses: places no one escapes from. Or at least that's what Florence Pierson thinks when she walks into one.

The Misprints

A censorship agency that screens all books published in a despot's domain. The story of how a serialized novel found its way through that agency and brought down the despot. A novel about how the books themselves fought back.

The Chancellors

In a dying world, a school of magic is all that's keeping part of it habitable.


Gentle Brontosaurus Bees of the Invisible 2018
Spiral Island (self-titled) 2017
Gentle Brontosaurus Names of Things and What They Do 2015
TL;DR no time for sleep 2014
TL;DR everything you are 2013



  • Senior developer on the TermSync application at Esker since June 2016.
  • 2016 Chorus Frog at Dev Bootcamp Chicago.
  • Problem solver at Epic for 8 years.

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More About Me

I grew up in the DC area, where I graduated from St. Anselms Abbey School. In 2007, I graduated from the University of Chicago. Madison, WI has been my home since then, where I currently live with my partner and cat.

When I'm not in front of some sort of keyboard or other, I enjoy biking, reading, making cheese, and roasting coffee.